Bigger, Better, Safer.
In 2003, Cecelia Packing Corporation opened a new state-of-the-art packing house. Cecelia has doubled in size, updated equipment, and improved the way we grade, pack, and ship our Premium California Citrus all while extending and upgrading our food safety program.

The new facility boasts 55,000 square feet of space, up from 29,000, with room for future expansions and improvements. With the additional floor space we can pack more efficiently with greater control of the fruit.  In addition to the packing house, we have doubled the size of our cold storage, increasing our cooling capacity to better maintain the cold chain.

The latest in packing equipment has been incorporated into the new Cecelia packing house.  We have installed a new electronic grader that will help us maximize fruit usage and enable us to more accurately grade and direct each piece of fruit.  With our new set up, the fruit will be handled less and we will have multiple choices as to how we choose or need to pack the fruit. We will also have the option to bin back certain sizes and grades to fulfill larger orders as required.

With improved customer service in mind, the new conveyor system offers more flexibility in box styles so buyers can make personal requests. Whether you want Cecelia Citrus in the Euro box, RPC, standard, half crate, bags or bins, your orders will now be easier to handle.

Since Food Safety is always high on the priority list, the latest in Hot Decay Control has been installed. This state-of-the-art system detects and prevents decay in the fruit, keeping the fruit fresher longer. Floor drains and stainless steel equipment have also been used in construction to promote superior cleanliness.