The grapefruit was first discovered in Barbados in the 18th century. It is believed to have been a naturally occurring hybrid of the pomelo and the sweet orange, and was originally called “the forbidden fruit”. The modern name comes from the fact that the fruit grows in grape-like clusters on the tree.

In 1920s Texas, a red-fleshed grapefruit was found growing on a pink flesh variety, and it led to a 1929 patent for the Ruby Red variety. Red grapefruit soon dominated the market, and Texas grew exclusively red varieties for decades. The red color comes from lycopene, a natural pigment with antioxidant qualities, which also gives the reddish color to other fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, watermelon, and our own Cecelia Cara Cara Navels. Diets rich in antioxidants are believed to help reduce risk of some cancers, as well as contributing to benefits such as improved heart health.

Cecelia’s Star Ruby Grapefruit is a sweet variety with yellow, red-blushed rind and rich red interior, perfect for adding zest and color to any meal!

Cecelia's Star Ruby

Star Ruby


Star Ruby PLU 4285 - Small Sizes - Available in 5 & 8 lb. Bags
Star Ruby PLU 4288 - Large Sizes - Available in 5 & 8 lb. Bags
Star Ruby PLU 4495 - X Large Sizes - Available in 5 & 8 lb. Bags

May through July

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